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To stay competitive, financial institutions need effective tools for financial planning, mitigating risk, achieving profitability, and rewarding employees for optimal performance.

The Axiom Financial Institutions Suite enables financial institutions such as banks, credit unions, farm credit associations, and other non-depository institutions to improve financial processes and build insights for optimal decision making.

Designed by industry professionals with deep financial expertise, financial institutions nationwide rely on our  Software. Our unified platform can help you:

>   Develop long-term plans which are fully integrated with operational and capital budgets and forecasts

>   Deliver timely and accurate budgeting results at a detailed or aggregate level through a collaborative and streamlined process

>   Gain visibility into profitability dimensions across the institution, calculating funds transfer pricing, expense allocations, and capital allocations

>   Create a financial and operational reporting hub across the institution, providing finance, operations, and business users with real-time access to one version of truth

>   Analyse loan portfolio performance and proactively identify threats to loan quality

>   Design, manage, and administer incentive plans tied to profitability to improve financial performance