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We are able to provide sophisticated and intuitive software to support institutional planning and reporting.

Our solutions help maximise performance using best-practice methodologies and tools proven successful in higher education institutions. Our software is designed to accelerate enterprise performance management and supports a variety of planning needs. Colleges and universities of every size are empowered by our intuitive end-user interface, flexible data model, and rich modeling capabilities

Strategic Financial Planning – Axiom Software strategic financial planning solutions enable the development of multi-year and long-range financial plans that are fully integrated with operational budgets and forecasts. Our solutions include long-range planning, capital planning and tracking, as well as tuition planning.

Reporting and Analytics – Our Axiom Software reporting and analytics solutions support a breadth of reporting needs, from departmental variance analyses to board packages, and everything in between. These solutions enhance collaboration through the generation of executive dashboards as well as financial statements and ad hoc reporting.

Budgeting and Forecasting – Axiom Software provides improved budgeting and forecasting by automating data collection and approvals, ensuring best practice planning methodologies are used across the organisation, and providing centralised assumptions that can be easily flexed to create alternate scenarios. Our solutions include budgeting, position planning, grants planning, and costing and allocations.

Our University College London case study PDF is attached below:

"Axiom has allowed us to really improve our budgeting and reporting processes. The turn-around time between submission, consolidation and review is now immediate, enabling refinement to happen quicker and the end results to be available earlier." – Julian Carter, Senior Systems Accountant, University of College London