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Axiom Software provides sophisticated, flexible performance management solutions that empower finance professionals to analyse results, model the future, and optimise organisational decision making.

With expertise in helping executives to improve financial performance, Axiom is designed to equip finance teams to be more agile, spend more time analysing data to better understand the drivers that affect their organisations, focussing on the following areas:


Axiom wishes to ensure that users aren’t hindered with a clunky, time-consuming software solution. Finance professionals should be empowered by intuitive software that enables them to spend less time aggregating data and more time empowering strategic decision making.


Axiom’s cloud solution, hosted on Microsoft Azure, ensures that customers have access to their data whenever they want, wherever they happen to be. The cloud also allows users to spend less time on upgrades, become less reliant on IT, and spend more time focusing on their day jobs.


Your industry is unique. You deserve a software solution tailored to your specific requirements. Axiom’s industry solutions are built upon years of partnership with customers to develop best practice solutions that make an impact.


Let’s face it: no two organisations are exactly the same. The beauty of Axiom Software is that it allows you to embrace a powerful software solution without having to change your entire business process along the way. We’ll work to ensure your data is available the way that makes the most sense to you.​


The market is full of software providers promising that the budgeting process can be completed with just a few mouse clicks. That may be true if your organisation has little to no complexity in its operation. But that’s not how the real world works for a majority of companies. Axiom is continually praised by industry analysts for its ability to help its customers make sense of their complex budgets and plans.


What’s the good of developing a long-range plan if it doesn’t factor in the annual budget? By providing an integrated software solution, we can ensure that our customers don’t have to rely on multiple processes across different tools to get their jobs done. In fact, Axiom has earned top marks from Gartner for its ability to integrate source systems like ERP and HR/Payroll to provide users with a truly unified view of the truth.



Profitability & Cost Management

The Axiom Profitability Management solution provides visibility into what’s truly creating or eroding profitability; Finance professionals can quickly and easily create full profit and loss reports (P&Ls) for any profitability segment they choose.

Integrated Financial Planning and Analysis

Axiom Software provides sophisticated, flexible performance management solutions that empower finance professionals to analyse results, model the future, and optimise decision making. Solutions for long-range planning, budgeting and forecasting, reporting and analytics, profitability and cost management are delivered on a single integrated software platform.

Budgeting & Forecasting

The Axiom Budgeting and Forecasting solution enables finance professionals to streamline the financial planning process and link operational drivers to financial results for improved organisational decision making. Planners are able to leverage Axiom to create rolling forecasts to keep a clear eye on the future, while understanding key drivers behind the trends. 

Reporting & Analytics

The Axiom Reporting and Analytics solution is designed to be the financial and operational reporting hub for the entire organisation, providing finance and operations professionals, as well as business users, with real-time access to insightful and actionable information. Dashboards and reports can be viewed on any type of web-enabled device.


At Axiom Software, we focus on fostering strategic relationships with our clients. From top to bottom, every employee is committed to going above and beyond to ensure success. We take great pride in our #1 satisfaction ratings from 3rd party analysts like Gartner and the fact that we have a 100% implementation success record. Performance management solutions are mission-critical for our clients and we strive to deliver in every phase of our partnership to drive client success. 

“It is evident that Axiom wants their clients to be successful and gives them every tool possible to bring that to fruition.”
- Shana Ross, Budget Manager, West Tennessee Healthcare


Our service professionals have extensive expertise in both performance management best practices and the nuances of the industries we serve. Our consultants have held leadership positions in FP&A and have extensive experience building financial plans, managing budgets and reporting to a wide variety of stakeholders.  As a result, we understand exactly what our clients are trying to accomplish.  You won’t find a junior implementation team here. All of our consultants have a minimum of five years of experience in performance management and finance, with a mix of skills ranging from project management to business intelligence to sophisticated report writing.

"The people we’ve worked with at Axiom Software have experience in finance, specifically within the financial services industry. They truly understand our business and they speak our language."
- Jennifer Meyers, CFO, Westerra Credit Union


At Axiom Software, we recruit not only from within the industries we serve, but also for very specialised skills to ensure all areas of client need are serviced by experienced, leading-edge professionals. Whether you’re looking for solutions related to long-range planning, budgeting, cost accounting, profitability analysis or reporting, we have in-house domain experts to ensure you get the best possible service available in the market.

"Because Axiom understands hospitals and the way we work, we implemented the solution in record time. It was great to have a team that understood our language"
- Scott Casler, Director of Finance, LHP Hospital Group



Explore software solutions specific to your industry


Some of the world's biggest brands put their trust in Axiom EPM. We value the strategic partnerships we have with all of our clients and strive to empower them with the tools and knowledge they need to be successful. 

Here are some of the companies that we work with to provide simple but effective organisation tools allowing success.



Axiom Software is part of Kaufman Hall, a leading provider of enterprise performance management (EPM) and decision support software, and strategic and financial consulting services. 


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